What files, etc do I need and where do I get them?

You will need the following:

  1. The VGLII program (VGLII.exe or VGLII.app). If you are using Mac OS X, you must be sure to get the "Grading" VGLII version and you must be sure to put the VGLII-x/ folder in your Desktop/, Downloads/, Documents/, or Applications/ folders; there are no such restrictions on Windows.
  2. The Problems folder.
  3. The student.key file for your class.
You can get (1) and (2) from the DOWNLOAD link at the left. When you download VGLII, you get a folder that contains the VGLII program and the Problems folder.

You must get the student.key file for your class from your instructor. Be sure to put this file in the same folder as the VGLII program.

How do I save my work for grading?

You will need to:

  1. Start a problem and work through it as usual.
  2. Save your work along the way using the File->Save Work As... option just in case the program crashes or you want to come back to this problem again.
  3. Be sure to fill in the details of your model in the Model Builder.
  4. When you are all done, save for grading using the File->Save Work For Grading... option. Be sure to use this option; the files saved under (2) above CANNOT BE GRADED. This will save a file with the extension .gr2.
  5. Submit the .gr2 file to your instructor as he or she has requested.

What if I don't see the " Save Work For Grading..." option in the File menu?

You will need to get the student.key file from your instructor and put it in the same folder as the VGLII program.