What do you get when you download VGLII?

VGLII shows the phenotypes as simple color images and presents problems with one to three genes.

You get the following files & directories:

The VGLII program. Use this to run simulated genetics problems.

The Problems folder:
This folder contains several sample problems. The problem files are organized into several folders by category. Within each category, the levels correspond (approximately) to the level of difficulty. The types of problems available at each level are shown in the table below; VGLII randomly selects from the possible models at each level at the start of every new problem.

Files with names like Level01p.pr2 create the same level of problems as Level01.pr2, but allow practice mode. In practice mode, you can click a button to see the genetic model (the "answer") and mouse over each of the organisms to see their genotypes.

For more details on the genetic models and practice mode, see the User's Guide.

Problem files can be custom-written for specific needs. Please contact the author (Brian White) if you would like a custom problem file or to learn how to make your own.

On-line documentation for VGL:

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When I double-click a Problem file or my saved work, VGLII does not start. What is wrong? VGLII does not launch automatically when you click on these files. You must launch VGLII first and then open the files from within VGLII.
  2. VGLII opens properly but, when a new problem is selected and opened, nothing happens. What is wrong? You have an older version of Java installed. You should download the latest version of java (it is free).
  3. Can I exchance files between VGL and VGLII? No. The files are incompatable.